Our Costumers

Habitat started by Terence Conran has outlets in both the UK and France. Habitat designs, develops and get their own range of furniture produced. In order to do so Habitat has furniture Architects to develop their designs. Habitat has worked with many very well-known designers as for instance Matthew Hilton, Tom Dixon and Mark Gilby.
SUB CON has produced a range of furniture products in connection with Habitat’s 40th anniversary in Milano 2005.

Scoop Beside Tables designed by JEROME GAULTHIER and produced by SUB-CON
Minimalist efficiency and pure lines are at heart of this modern piece. The Scoop effortlessly combines the function of a bedside table with the sensual appeal of ambient lighting in one unit. The white powder-coated steel frame is crowned with a flip top that allows you to choose between a white or walnut veneer table finish.

ARMCHAIR designed by PHILIP TREACY and produced by SUB-CON
“I’v never designed a chair before, but it was not so different to designing a hat”, PHILIP TREACY, Hat designer.

As a hat frames the face, the oversized disc shape of this futuristic chair perfectly frames the sitter. Made in Denmark with steel legs, a vacuum formed moulded and upholstered shell that is hand stitched into a vivid wool cover, the portrait chair is contemporary yet timeless an absolute classical.

Conran is another furniture retailer with more or less the same concept as Habitat, which is not too surprising as Terence Conran started both. SUB-CON has developed and produces among other ranges the Pavilion.

The Pavilion range consists of a complete Oak veneered range of furniture developed for the living Room.

The Range is produced in Lithuania for both the French and UK Stores.

Furthermore, we have developed Steel Framed Chairs for Starbucks with Conran.

Bona Vista
Bona Vistaand we produce only furniture parts for this company Such as knobs, turned legs, table tops in solid oak and  MDF bedsides and legs. Bona Vista was our very first customer in Ireland.

De La Espada
De La Espada is a very well-known Portuguese furniture design company developing all types of furniture. SUB-CON has assisted in developing Manta, Tapas and Pelt. Manta and Tapas are designed by Matthew Hilton. The Chair Pelt was designed by Benjamin Hubert.

Perch Dynamic Solutions
Perch Dynamic Solutions is design and research specialised in ergonomic solutions. The company is owned by Simon Dennehy and SUB-CON has assisted Perch Solutions in developing a School seating and table solution.

O’Donnel Furniture
O’Donnel Furniture is a third generation company specialised in project furniture and in collaboration with this company SUB-CON has among others assisted the making of furniture for the Hilton Airport hotel in Copenhagen.

Oneoff Design Dublin
OneOff is one of SUB-CON’s long lasting cooperation Partners. SUB-CON has assisted in a number of projects  One of them the Matheson Ormsby Prentice